Mid-Spring Edition

Hail Septentrians!


So, I suppose I am just wee bit late in getting this out. Call it stage fright or disorganization or simply not knowing what to say and , well, here we are.

I *think* spring has finally sprung. Across the Barony, the snow and ice are receding, crocus’ are in bloom and the trees are coming to bud. That also means that soon, crops must be planted and tended in order feed our people as they travel to lands both near and far in the coming months.

Mark your calendars! June 2nd is Pikeman’s Pleasure. Whether you wish to draw your bow, thunk axes and knives at the thrown weapons range, test your nerve against the best fighters and fencers in the Kingdom or, simply sit under a tree and enjoy the day, the Keene Community Centre (in Keene, oddly enough) is the place to be. The autocrats are Her Excellency Anne Tinker and Her Awesomeness, Lady Kaisa Haapalainen.

Mark your calendars some more! June 28 until July 2 is the War of the Trillium. I don’t know how much actual “war” there will be but I know there will be throwing and shooting and whacking and making and stabbing and learning and shopping. Oh, and there will be cake! Her Excellency Matilda said so and she would know because she is the autocrat. Additional information can be found at https://pribblingsquirrel.wixsite.com/warofthetrillium2018

I’ll see you on the archery range,

Einar Inn Austrifara Josepsson




From Their Excellencies,

Winter is fast waning and spring’s promise of bird song and retreating snow and ice is surely a welcome return to warmer climes. With the bright sun upon Our faces, do We, Baron Dafydd and Baroness Mahhild, send heartfelt greetings to Our good gentles of Septentria.

It was Our pleasure to attend 12th Night, jointly hosted by Our cantons of Vest Yorvik and Eoforwic. While small in number, it was huge in camaraderie, jovial games and contests of wit. The election of the Mayor and Sheriff was held, following campaigning and voting by many guilds, representatives of different factions, nobility and commoners alike. The outcome was surprising, possibly due to Russian collusion, but Lucia, Baroness of Ramshaven was the voters choice for Mayor. The Sheriff was determined to be Gunnar Halfdan, even with aggressive commentary by Badrielle, the people could not be denied.

Our taxes were delivered by Our stalwart cantons, regaling Us with commentary and documentary of the history of the groups that make up Septentria. Our history provides all of us with the sense of growth and accomplishment and it is by the telling of the tales that we are all enriched.

Our taxes for the upcoming year, in the celebration of the 40th year of the creation of Our beloved Barony, are the refurbishment or replacement of much of the Barony’s regalia and necessary accoutrements. Her Excellency Baroness Matilda has the compilation of the Barony’s needs, from a new banner, dishes and cutlery, leather coronets and a new storage box for feast gear. Please contact HE Matilda if you wish to celebrate the Barony with a token of your craft.

We were very pleased to present Our Ma’er Cwpan Croesawgaw, to Nicolaa de Bracton for her unfailing service to Septentria and our Kingdom of Ealdormere. Wassail!

Step Spritely was much enjoyed by Us. Classes throughout the day held much promise for the fun that was enjoyed by all during the festivities at the ball. No court was held, but thank you gifts were distributed to the staff, choir and musicians before Our departure due to the worsening weather. By all accounts, the frivolities lasted late into the evening.

We were also honoured to attend and host Their Royal Majesties for Their Armed Tournament of Renown, held in Our royal city of Eoforwic. Many fighters answered the call to arms and honourable combat did ensue. Victorious at the end of the day was THL Tristram. Our court, while brief, allowed Us to finally present to Lord Tristan, a Bear’s Claw for his meritorious efforts on the battlefields of Pennsic 44. Wassail!

As of this missive, we are looking forward to the coronation of Our new King and Queen, Baldric and Brayla, in the very unlikely circumstance of mischief to Our beloved King Edward and His inspiration Queen Rylan, long may They reign. Our progress will also take us to Warrior’s Path, Spring Crown Tourney, Pikeman’s Pleasure and War of the Trillium.

We will close this missive with Our warmest regard as people travel within and without Our Kingdom. We look forward to hearing tales around campfires, sharing food and drink with all of you and march alongside of you in peace and war.

In Service to the Bear,
Dafydd and Mahhild,
Baron and Baroness of Septentria



From the Seneschal!

To his fellow Septentrians, from Maister Colyne Stewart, seneschal of our fair barony, greetings.

Changes are afoot. Firstly, I would like to thank THL Thorfinna grafeldr for her many years of service as Septentria’s chronicler. Producing a chronicle is one of the conditions of having a barony, so this is a very worthy service indeed. I would also like to thank Lord Einar Inn Austrifera Josepson for taking on this position.

Also, the baronial webpage is currently in transition. The old site http://septentria.ca/ is no longer current. Our Clerk Register, HE Matilda of Swynford, has set up a new site at https://pribblingsquirrel.wixsite.com/septentria. Hopefully the old domain name will soon be pointing at our new site. Thank you, your Excellency!

I hope to see many of you out and about this Spring and Summer!


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Baronial War Favours at Pennsic

Pennsic Announcement:

Their Excellencies Septentria bid all those Septentrians attending war to see THL Brendan Hunterson in W14 down by the lake or at muster to receive your Baronial War favour, and regret that they cannot hand them out to each of you personally this year.

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